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Product History
In Ancient African civilization, wearing a headwrap, or a headgear of any kind, was a sign of purity, and innocence, when it came to the women of that community. It was also an indicator of one’s status in society. Royalties, and the Nobilities were required to cover their heads for spiritual reasons, but also, to indicate their titles and ranks, within their community.

Product Details
Most of our headwraps are made with imported vibrant African print wax fabrics. 100% cotton,we commonly call it Véritable Hollandais. The colors won’t fade. The sizes of the headwraps are large enough to wear a variety of ways. The turbans may be worn around your neck as a scarf, or as shown in the picture.

Turbans Dimensions:
Reg. 21”x 71.”
Large 21”x 81.”
XLarge 21”x 91.”

Foulards (Congo Styles) standard dimensions are as followed:
Reg. 44”x 34.”
Head Bands (Adult)
Reg.12”x 88.”
Head Bands (Children)
Reg. 9”x 44.”

Care Instructions: Preferably hand wash in cold water with mild laundry detergent or use a professional dry clean service. Do not machine wash in hot or bleach water.

All Sales are final. Due to the high sensitivity of our spiritual nature, clothing or accessories worn by one become imprinted with his/her DNA and should not be returned. For that reason, all sales are final at