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Product History
An ancient African tradition. In our culture, we are introduced to body wrappers from a young age. We are trained to wrap our bodies to ground ourselves and reconnect with Mother Earth. After a long day of work, we are taught to remove our expensive clothes and wrap ourselves in our favorite body wrapper, or the one the colors are currently calling us. It’s a reminder that we were born naked, and naked we shall return to Mother Earth, since none of us leaves this realm with the wealth they have accumulated on Earth. This is how we are trained and conditioned to remain humble.

Product Details
All body wrappers are made with imported vibrant African print wax fabrics. 100% cotton, we commonly call it Véritable Hollandais. The colors won’t fade. The sizes are large enough to wrap your entire body from your shoulder down to below your knees, (Regular Size), or down to your ankles, (Maxi Size), to give you the required level of comfort one needs to ground him or herself.

NUBIA THE STORE offers 2 kinds of body wrappers: Plain ones and the Adorned ones, usually worn by Royals and Priest for they usually indicated the functions they occupy within our community.

The Royals Body Wrappers were based on the 3 pillars of our society: the Blue bandswere worn by the Zolas: The Priests (priests, pastors, scholars, lawyers, Healthcare professionals, mothers and wives), the Red bandsby the Ngangus: The Judges, (Judges, Police Officers, firefighters, Military, Coast guards, Fathers and Husbands.And the Yellow bandsworn by the Lendos: The Scientists also known as the Builders (the Engineers, Researchers, etc.) For mor information on the topic, please click here. (Link to the text:

Large Body Wrapper Unisex: size: 46”x 72
MaxiBody Wrapper Unisex Size:50”x 81.”
Children Body Wrapper Unisex Size:46”x 40.”