About Us

NubiaTheStore.com is launched to assist our Royals of Afrika living in the diaspora restore their self-image to who they truly are: African Royalties. Nubia the Store mission is to reintroduce Afrikan fashion to our children in the diaspora. Nubia The Store will assist our Royals of Afika to smoothly transition from exclusively using western attires, to discovering and embracing our so rich and diverse Afrikan fashion: The Fashion with Purpose.

NUBIA THE STORE: Fashion with Purpose. As we adorn ourselves in these beautiful African prints, remember that we are doing more than expressing our fashion sense; we are grounding and healing ourselves, in the process. By wearing African prints, we are balancing our energy centers, also known as Chakras. Based on how we feel, we may feel pulled to wear a particular color out of the blue. It’s usually because the energy center or chakra related to that color is depleted and needs recharging or balancing. When we are wearing our prints, we are not only charging ourselves with the vibrations of the colors we are wearing, but we are also charging ourselves with the vibration of the design on that fabric.